How Instapage helped drive growth at Trusted Clothes

Trusted Clothes believes in acknowledging our partners – who have helped us get where we are today. One of these helpful corporations is Instapage. Instapage is a powerful landing page platform which turns ad clicks into conversions. Through Instapage, users can design beautiful pages quickly, collaborate with team members and generate leads.  Instapage integrates with existing CRM’s, email marketing and advertising solutions. Vitally, Instapage allows for easy A/B testing and provides users with significant analytics data about how their campaigns are performing. This data can be used to optimize campaigns going forward to help ensure conversions.

Instapage is a paid service, however, they generously provided Trusted Clothes with a free license because they believed in our cause. Over the past year, we have used Instapage to help drive search engine marketing (SEM) traffic. It is impossible to overstate just how helpful this service has been in growing the Trusted Clothes brand.

We have processed over 200,000 clicks on our SEM campaigns. By leveraging the power of Instapage, we have been able to achieve above-industry standard double digit conversions. These conversions have opened the door to literally tens of thousands of people interested in our content.

Through the SEM traffic, we have been able to build out our core volunteer base. These volunteers have been responsible for everything at Trusted Clothes – we love our volunteers! The content these volunteers have produced has helped us reach our amazing organic growth.

Our relationship with Instapage has been a very fruitful one – both for us and for Instapage. It’s one of those rare things in life – a win-win. While using Instapage, we have trained 10+ people in their platform. Many of these people have gone into the private sector and purchased the software there. These individuals saw the value of Instapage and advised their employers to take full advantage of it.

Instapage has produced wonders for us and they have been a great partner throughout our business relationship. We would highly encourage you to check them out to see how they can fit into your lead generation/SEM campaigns.


Thank you Instapage!


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