July 17 – The World Day for International Justice

Today, July 17, is the World Day for International Justice, a perfect reason to reflect about justice in contemporary life. The achievements of contemporary justice benefit humanity greatly, and provide the means for material and spiritual progress.

However, the benefits of modern civilization are not accessible to everybody. Artificially created limitations in the political, social, and geographical realms have divided the world. As a result, many people are forced to live in poverty and large groups of people leave their countries in search of a better life. Climate changes, which are visible to the world, disproportionately exacerbate the standard of living and distribution of the wealth. Inequality within the international trade system affects billions of people all over the world and undermines the efforts of local farmers, craftsmen and workers to provide a decent sustenance for their families in numerous Third world countries.

The Justice System is expected to provide equality and fair treatment for everyone. Internationally, these issues are much more complicated and complex. After the Cold War and the fall of Communism, the majority of the world, especially former Soviet countries, turned its attention to western values and modern capitalism. Newly emerged markets attracted the attention of international companies with their lucrative prospects for profit and cheap labour. The regional and national judicial systems, which were authorized to protect the rights of workers, were not efficient. At the same time, the social needs of the people in many Asian, African and European countries, compelled them to become cheap labour to provide for their families.The economic boom and the growing awareness of injustices within these countries created different international organizations to protect the workers. Different industrial accidents brought these injustices to the attention of the world and created a discussion about the efficacy and functional capacity of these organizations. How many of them can actually protect the people, especially the workers in the garment industry?  This industry is one of the most profitable and troubled in terms of decent worker compensation. This question is brought to the forefront because today is the World Day for International Justice. 


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