Domestic Abuse: The war waged silently

This poem was written to bring attention to the issue of domestic abuse and abuse against women.

If you love someone you never purposely hurt them.  I want to stand up and say that anyone who hurts their partner or children, is despicable. As a man, I am disappointed at how many of my fellow men engage in these actions. I hope that others will stand with me in condemning them.

Mastadons meander through mushy moss
Serpents slither solemnly under the sahara sun
The past speaks as I pontificate impatiently on life’s problem’s
Plato’s cave and Zeno’s paradox pale in comparison to the living lie’s we breathe
Daily, wounds worsen as women wear scars of a war waged silently
Bruised bodies marked by mean and malicious men
Their eyes gleaming and glaring as they imagine themselves gods
Reveling in decadence as they dominate and devour lives
Thick red droplets leak from bodies, like faucets
A collective ocean of pain and suffering
Fakes hiding their frail and pathetic frame through ferocity and fire
Hatred heats the hearts of the vicious vipers hiding in their habitats
It’s said hope springs eternal, but the spring seems stopped 
By the horrid haze blocking the light
Odes end in racous revelery and miracolous resolution
But reality doesn’t conform to satisfying storybook standards
And to this day, despair, disaster and death abound
If you listen close you can hear the piercing sound
Produced by lust masquerading as love 
As abusers apologize insincerely and unaccountabily forgivness abounds
The road to progress is long and winding and covered with promises which are hardly ever binding
For eons, we have been marching and today too we go onward and onwards but are we really going forwards


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Aazir loves to explore many fields of knowledge, especially the 4 P's: Physics, Programming, Philosophy, and Poetry. At anytime he can be found producing code, perusing epic poetry, pontificating about Plato, or pondering multiple dimensions. He's an award-winning public speaker and is passionate about speaking out on social justice issues.

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