Child Labour in the Fashion Industry

Child Labour in the Fashion Industry – 3 Life Changing Videos

When it comes to spreading the word, I’m always looking for routes to inspire people to take notice and understand the true sacrifice involved in making clothes. I hope to spread the word about the importance of buying ethically-made clothes alongside many other heroes of the fair-trade clothing movement. Here are three eye-opening videos on child labour in fashion that are available online.


1.      Victoria’s Secret Fair – Trade Cotton Made by Child Slaves

This is an insightful discussion about clothing brands, such as Victoria’s Secret that utilize fair-trade cotton harvested by child slaves from Burkina Faso. Although the famous lingerie brand uses fair- trade organic cotton, I can’t ignore the fact that it comes from children forced to work under such horrible conditions. These children are often beaten and denied education, and the problem seems to be getting worse. David Pakman presents the big question of whether certain apparel brands use fair-trade cotton as a sham. After watching this video, I’m starting to wonder if some brands will ever genuinely ensure that their clothing is made ethically.


2.      Child Labor Free – Fashion Designers Join the Journey Towards a Child Labor Free World

This is an awe-inspiring promotional video made by Child Labor Free, which promotes the importance of buying clothes free of child labour. This video has helped to remind me about the process involved in making clothes. Although the end product is glamorous clothing, it should not be at the expense of a child’s well-being. It scares me to think that 150 million children are forced into child labour. However, I have hope that it is never too late to reverse the horrible treatment that is being inflicted upon these innocent victims.


3.      The Child Labour Experiment

This is an emotional video made by Fashion Revolution, that helps the viewer to question the origin of their clothes. Five heroic young people seek out jobs at various popular apparel brands, with the hope of speaking out against child labour. Although workers from various retailers reject the youngster’s requests, it does offer hope that many people in the clothing business do believe that no child should be involved in child labour. It’s inspiring to learn that so many young people today are joining the movement to end child labour and helping to educate consumers about the importance of buying ethically-made clothes. No person should be involved or must go through this horrible business practice.


After watching these videos, I felt very upset knowing that children are put through such horrible treatment. I will admit that I have seen some improvement in the fashion industry due to the fair- trade clothing movement, however it’s heartbreaking and inexcusable that children are continuing to have their childhoods stolen from them. I now realize that it is not going to be an overnight fix when combating this horrible practice. However, every choice that consumers make when buying a piece of clothing can make all the difference. Consumers need to ask themselves where their clothing comes from and demand it be made ethically. No child or any human being should be treated as a slave. These videos have given me much insight, and I hope they do the same for you!

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