Three Eye Opening Videos about the Cotton Industry in Uzbekistan

When it comes to spreading the word about the cotton industry, people should be told the truth. Consumers should understand the sacrifice and forced conditions endured by garment workers that went into making their clothes.  In addition, three eye-opening videos available online are summarized below.


1.      Cotton Crimes: Forced Labour in Uzbekistan’s Cotton Industry

This story exposes the cotton industry’s dark side. Many products are made from cotton and utilized as apparel for various clothing brands.

Before watching this video, I wondered where cotton came from. This is a story about how innocent workers in Uzbekistan are forcibly taken away from their jobs to spend weeks picking cotton. Many people and corporations have tried to end slave labour in the garment industry, however the problems seem to be growing. From farmers, teachers, children, and businesses, Uzbekistani citizens work very hard to help grow and harvest cotton under horrible conditions. This video is life-changing and has the potential to inspire many to speak out against the corrupt Uzbekistani government and businesses that force an abusive process on its citizens.


2.      Cotton Crimes: Uzbek People Speak About Forced Labour in Cotton Industry

This is a short documentary produced by Anti-Slavery International. It presents a dark portrayal of the Uzbekistani government and its abuse towards cotton workers. Also, this video raises awareness of how the Uzbekistani government abuses its power to the detriment of its citizens. Due to the risk involved for those speaking out, the faces and names of the speakers are concealed.


3.      Slavery In Supply Chains: A Closer Look at the Cotton Industry – 2017

This is a detailed animated video sharing the cause-and-effect relationship of manufacturing cotton products. Slavery is on the rise, and unethical practices in the cotton industry are becoming more pervasive across the world. Many corporations are contributing to this horrible process by indirectly condoning slave labour because of their own pressures to make money.

This video is a wake-up call showcasing the harsh punishment that cotton workers endure in Uzbekistan, especially at the hands of their own government. It’s mind-blowing to think about how many people have no clue about the true costs involved in making a dress.

After watching this video, many will realize that is never too late to seek and spread change to these abusive processes. If we continue to raise awareness about this issue, I believe more people will think twice about what they’re wearing and demand it be made ethically.

Overall, these three videos have offered a lot of insight and inspired me to think twice when purchasing a piece of clothing. Hopefully, they will do the same for you. There are ethical and peaceful alternatives in making clothing. No person should ever be treated as a slave.


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