The Value and Treatment of Clothes

Find out how you should deal with your clothes to help those in need, preserve the environment, and to reduce the cost of your wardrobe.


When it comes to evaluating one’s wardrobe, consumers should understand how long their clothes can last, and cherish that value. People should understand throwing away clothes after wearing them a few times is a waste both financially and environmentally. Some people don’t consider donating used clothes to those in need. Looking at these issues in clothing, here are three informative videos that’ll make you want to think twice about the value of your clothing.



In this video, a great amount of clothing has been carelessly thrown into a Victoria Secret Dumpster, when they’re found by a person who cares about the ethical treatment of clothes. When it comes to the modern trend of deeming good clothes unwearable and throwing them out, no person should ever forget the lasting value of clothes. Every year massive piles of unwanted good condition clothes are thrown into landfill and create environment disasters due to poor fashion choices. The act of cutting and throwing out good quality clothes that have been returned needs to stop. As this is done, the thought of donation doesn’t even seem to cross the minds of certain companies, like Victoria Secret, due to their clothing policies. When watching this video, it’s sad to think there are so many people in need of clothes, as this policy enforces the destruction of attire that could have been resold or donated to those in need. No person should be without clothes and those able to afford clothes shouldn’t be carelessly wasting them. It’s inspiring to see dumpster divers trying to showcase this issue and the positive choices that can be made with unwanted clothes.

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  1. A shopper’s manifesto: These three simple questions are the key to quitting fast fashion

In this short video, it’s explained how fast fashion leads to the draining of earth’s resources, contaminating rivers with dyes and overloading landfills with clothing that is hardly worn. More importantly, this video conveys how many consumers often

Choose what to do with your clothing in order to make an environmental impact.

purchase cheap clothing that is thrown away after being worn only a few times, without thinking about its lasting value. As more clothing haul videos are made, it’s clear some people may not wear certain outfits again; either due to a change in the latest fashion trends, personal preferences, or for a variety of other reasons. I think it’s important to purchase good quality clothing that is comfortable yet will last years. I simply don’t agree with throwing away a pile of outfits that can be worn again. When purchasing clothing it’s important for you as a consumer to think about the quality of the clothing you are buying, not just the quantity. After watching this video, it’s important to think about how consumers will value the durability of what’s in their closet and think about where it will end up when they no longer have a want for it.

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  1. DUMPSTER DIVING for Name Brands | Nike, Asics, Wrangler, Brooks and MORE!!!

In this video, a pair of dumpster divers have discovered and showcased a bag of clothes from Nike to Asics, that have been thrown into the garbage. Often, people throw out clothes which are in good conditions entirely by choice. The simple solution of donation or leaving these clothes in the hands of Goodwill is ignored. From watching these clothes being put on and its quality condition being showcased by the dumpster diver in this video, I can’t understand why anyone would want to throw them away without thinking about someone less fortunate in need of a pair of good shorts.  It pleases me that dumpster divers like these two cherish the value of clothes and want to convey that if one deems certain attire unwearable, they can go to someone in need. It honestly doesn’t take that much effort to donate your clothing which can continue to be useful in someone else’s wardrobe for years. I really do hope people can learn from this example of respecting the value of clothes by watching the video below:

Overall, these videos have given me a lot of insight and have reminded me to think twice about when to deem clothes unwearable. Hopefully, these videos will do the same for you! There is always a better alternative to throwing out your clothes, such as donating or re-cycling your clothes. It’s important to take an ethical and sustainable approach towards the treatment of clothes in order to help those in need, to preserve the environment, and to reduce the cost of your wardrobe.

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