4 Ethical Ways To Get Your Wardrobe Winter-Ready

With winter’s chill arriving in full force, it’s time to start thinking of wrapping up to face the bitter winds and plummeting temperatures. When it comes to dressing for the season, it can be difficult to avoid racing to the high street to bulk buy a wardrobe of cosy jumpers, chunky boots and thick jackets ready for no matter what the weather brings.

While this might seem like the quickest option for keeping the cold at bay, this method of ‘fast fashion’ produces large amounts of clothing waste which is hugely detrimental to our environment. Therefore, in this post, we’re providing you with a variety of different ways to prepare your wardrobe for winter while remaining sustainable and waste-aware at the same time.

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Utilise what you already own

In an age where social media influencers and artificial intelligence (AI) ad campaigns pave the route for retail consumer spending, it can be easy to look into your wardrobe and believe you have nothing to wear. This can be particularly prominent when it comes to seasonal clothing changes, at which point your jumpers have been hidden away in the back in favour of summery cami tops at the front.

It’s important, therefore, to do a thorough wardrobe reassessment every new season so you can rediscover old favourites and even rejuvenate any uncared-for gems. With fashion trends constantly cycling between styles and looks, you never know what clothes you might find that went out of style 2 years ago but have become a current fashion favourite today.

Consider timeless accessories

When it comes to dressing your best in winter, it can be hard to stay away from the dark khakis, deep blues and moody greys. So this year, instead of fiddling around with shades that may not suit your personal style, it could be worth investing in jewellery and accessories that tone down the darkness of your look while keeping you in style. An additional benefit of accessories is that they tend to remain in fashion for longer, allowing you to minimise your annual clothing spend and reduce your fashion waste in turn by returning to your staples year after year.

A classic piece of crimson amber jewellery will help soften your look and provide a classy break away from a dark ensemble. This, along with a pop of rustic orange on your watch or visible socks, will not only create a seasonally stylish look this year but will accompany you through many more to come.

Opt for quality over quantity

Throughout your education, you’ll have gotten used to hearing the phrase ‘quality over quantity’ repeated by your school teachers. When it comes to dressing ethically, this notion remains the same.

Particularly in winter, a jumper that feels soft after multiple spins in the washing machine is more cost-effective than one that begins to fall apart at the seams come the final weeks of February. Whether you invest in an all-purpose coat to fight off the snow, a pair of leather boots that only ripen with age or a staple pair of gloves that don’t bobble after a week, if it lasts you longer than a single season then it’s worth investing the extra money; if not for the planet then for your purse.

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Give second-hand clothes a home

As it hits winter, vintage knits and 90s sports jumpers come back into fashion – and with dozens of second-hand, vintage and charity shops dotted around city centres and local high streets, you’re sure to find something in them that will keep you cosy which was loved by someone else before you.

Alternatively, why not gather your friends together for a clothes swap as a social occasion to empty your wardrobe and pick up a few new bits along the way? It’s fun and easy and is the perfect excuse to give away some of your unworn items and swap them in for a friend’s pair of jeans that you’ve always admired and that they have no use for anymore. At the end of the swap, see what you have left over and take them to a charity shop. Not only will you help reduce waste, but as a fun social event, it’s the perfect excuse to get together with friends and share style ideas.

As less of us shop around for our clothes, instead choosing to buy the cheapest or most convenient option, cutting down on clothes waste can be difficult. No matter how the seasons and styles change, by incorporating one or more of our tips above, we’re positive that not only will you remain fashionable but, by reducing your impact on the planet, you’ll feel better, too.


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