Protecting Customer Service Without Sacrificing Ethics in the Fashion Sector

With the world turning towards having an expectation of companies to run with ethics at the forefront of their business, it’s time to take a look at how this can be upheld within the fashion sector, without sacrificing customer service.

That’s why today, the experts at Kendon Packaging are offering a number of different ways you can ensure you’re running your business ethically, from packaging your products in eco-friendly materials that can withstand the delivery process to having an efficient and timely production line that enables employees to work reasonable hours and in safe environments.

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Consider eco-friendly packaging

With eco-friendly packaging becoming a big trend throughout 2019, going green could have more of a positive impact on customer service than you may have initially thought. More and more customers are becoming increasingly aware of the human impact on the environment, and the subsequent sustainability issues. These trends demonstrate a fast-changing market, as customers consequently pressure companies for transparency.

For a business to be successful and even exist, it needs customers – so trust and confidence with the consumer is essential to the success of your fashion business. One efficient way to ensure this relationship is to prioritise ethics in customer dealings. As customers begin to identify which businesses are making the effort and leading the change, as opposed to those who are maintaining wasteful practices – businesses who jump on the opportunity will capitalise by becoming more appealing to the evolving market. As a result, this will provide more opportunities to strengthen customer service relationships.

Adopting eco-friendly packaging doesn’t have to impact functionality though. Blending the two could be the perfect way to prioritise customer service and ethics simultaneously. It could be as simple as incorporating renewable, biodegradable or recycled materials into your packaging where possible. These are widely available on the market and have been developed extensively for years – so long in fact, that most consumers have come to expect brands to use them. It’s not always the cheapest solution, but it is an efficient way to protect customer service, without sacrificing ethics and could be the detail that gives you an edge over brand competitors.

Ensure fair practice for your employees

The company’s values must reflect a commitment to high standards of customer service, and also fair practices for its employees. Companies must ensure that dealings with their employees are clean and fair, which can also be an effective way of boosting their reputation.

Fair practices will work towards reducing employee dissatisfaction, creating a relationship of trust and loyalty in the minds of the employees. If your employees are happy, it’s likely to reflect in their attitude towards prospective customers, too – demonstrating an understanding of the importance of ethics in customer service. So, if staff appear to display honesty and integrity, the natural instinct of customers is to assume this is replicated in the nature of the company.

Remain true to your offering

Promotions and advertisements of products and services must be true to the actual offering. Exaggerations and overselling tactics ultimately invite suspicion and can cause customers to distrust a company resulting in bad social media press.

One bad customer experience can be enough to cause a business to get a bad reputation. If a business is at fault, the situation is easier for clients to accept if customer service representatives are honest and fix the discrepancies quickly, owning up to the mistake.

Honesty is also fundamental to building trust with customers and subsequently, retaining more consumers in the long run. So, ensuring your company aspires to be transparent and trustworthy in customer relationship has the potential to gain greater influence with their opinions – and consequently their purchasing habits.

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Whether you’re in the process of developing your customer ethics policy or looking to give your current one a little more thought, we hope this post will inspire you to run your company with ethics at the forefront of your business, without sacrificing customer service.

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