Organic Items You Must Have for Your Next Summer Vacation

When it comes to going on vacation, often times personal care isn’t high on the priority list. Although it is completely fine to focus on relaxation, it’s always a good idea to value your personal care as well. Whether you go on a cruise or plan a trip to the nearest beach, having a few essentials with you will improve your trip. A question health conscious people have is whether or not they should invest in organic items. As a community, we should be focusing on making a transition toward organic items – including when we go on vacation. 

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Must-Have Organic Items for Your Next Summer Vacation are: 

Organic Sunscreen

One of the most important things you should get that’s organic is your sunscreen. The amount of chemicals and unnecessary additives in regular supermarket sunscreen is not only detrimental to the skin but the environment as well. Fortunately, protecting the skin is very much possible with alternative sun protection that is completely organic. A very common ingredient in traditional sunscreen is oxybenzone. This ingredient has been shown to disrupt the body’s normal hormone cycle. The same is true for retinyl palmitate which has been linked to the production of skin cancers. Definitely worth going organic for since it’s what you will be applying on your skin.

Organic Sanitizer

Sanitizers that are organic may be tough to come by these days, but they aren’t impossible to find. Cleansers and sanitizers are becoming more and more accessible at supermarkets and though there are typically a bit more pricey, they are certainly safer to use. Cleansers like witch hazel also happen to take out a great level of bacteria that can very well compete with traditional hand sanitizing products.

Organic Soap

Bringing your own soap on vacation whether you stay at a hotel or go on a Bermuda cruise is probably one of the most recommended things you can do. Not only is it much cleaner to do so, but it’s also healthier to use for the skin. If you have sensitive skin, you’ll notice that high levels of chemicals don’t respond well with you. With organic soap, you will be able to reduce skin irritations, prevent pesticides, and also kill unwanted bacteria. Most regular soaps also don’t have glycerin which is a wonderful moisturizing agent that organic soaps are known to have. From your daily body cleansing, you will also be moisturizing your skin at the same time.

Organic Face Towels

One of the best natural organic materials for face towels will have to be silk. Many dermatologists have agreed that raw silk is one of the most gentle things you can put on your face. Not only is it gentle on the skin, but it also happens to be a great agent in loosening up the dead skin cells, toxins, and extra bacteria on the face. A protein found in this material called sericin has been shown to help repair and exfoliate while also hydrating the skin properly. Along with those benefits for yourself, using organic face towels, in general, are also very beneficial to the environment as well.

Organic Bathing Suits

When it comes to bathing suits, organic material is recommended by dermatology experts. Traditional cloth material has been shown to create skin sensitivities – not to mention the problems it raises for the environment. Purchasing eco-friendly bathing suits offer personal and environmental benefits. You will find that your skin and wellness will be impacted positively. Don’t hesitate to go organic for your next vacation!


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