Green is the New White: How to Find an Ethical Wedding Dress

There are many weddings traditions that are bad for the planet. 

A few examples include sending out 300 paper invitations, serving up a dinner full of meat, and decorating your tables with flowers from the other side of the world. But, it doesn’t mean that your wedding dress needs to drain the Earth’s resources too. 

Are you looking for the perfect wedding dress that’s also been ethically made? Read on to learn how to find ethical wedding dresses.

1. Would You Consider a Second-Hand Dress?

Perhaps your mother still has her wedding dress but those puffy sleeves just aren’t for you?

Don’t worry, you can wear your mom’s wedding dress on your special day but have it altered to your figure and tastes. This is not only helping to save the planet, but it also counts as your something borrowed and something old! If this isn’t an option, ask friends or family whether you could see their wedding dresses and buy them for a cheaper price. 

Finally, there is always the option of visiting a vintage wedding dress shop or checking websites such as Etsy. However, this is not always a budget-friendly option – so keep an eye on prices.

2. Find an Eco-Friendly Designer 

A couple of amazing designers to check out include Lost in Paris and Reformation. 

Lost in Paris is a Sydney based company which creates stunning dresses from salvaged lace. Expect to pay around $2,300 AUD (or $1,554 USD). Alternatively, check out Reformation. This online store has both dresses for the bride to be and bridesmaids too. 

Reformation uses fabric offcuts and minimizes its packaging. It also has a huge range from classic to modern.


3. Already Found a Dress You Love?

If you’ve already found your perfect dress but are worried that it’s not eco-friendly, why not go into the store and ask if it can be made more so?

This requires you to be very explicit with what you expect. Ask about material sourcing, where a garment is made, and whether polyester is used. However, just know that turning a much-loved gown that already exists into an eco-friendly option will likely cost you a large sum. 

4. Consider Renting a Dress

Who really wears their wedding dress more than once? Why not save yourself some money and rent a stunning dress that you don’t have to find space for in your closet.

Nowadays, there are many renting options. But, try looking specifically for options in your local area to reduce the carbon footprint of how far the dress travels. Check out Restoration Bridals and Something Borrowed Bridals for an idea of what you can expect when renting a wedding dress.

Once you’ve found the perfect dress, all that’s left to do is to send out free wedding programs that are good for the planet too!

Ethical Wedding Dresses are the Best Dresses

Something borrowed, something blue, something old, something new, what could be better? Something ethical too!  

Make sure your wedding day meets your principles. It’s not just the ethical wedding dresses that you should consider, but also your accessories, your table arrangements, what your guests are wearing, and any flowers too. 

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