Green Fashion: 9 Sustainable Clothing Brands to Shop from This Year

Did you know that there has been nearly a 50% increase in shoppers searching for eco- friendly clothing options? 

Many of these searches involve vegan leather, organic cotton, and even recycled materials. 

Understanding what sustainable clothing is and how it can help the environment, might make you reconsider where to buy clothes from. Continue reading to discover why you should switch to sustainable clothing brands and what the best ones are. 

Why Should You Choose Sustainable Clothing Brands? 

If you are unsure as to why you should purchase sustainable clothing brands over normal ones, you are in the right place. Sustainable brands are focused on quality over quantity and put a lot of care and thought into making clothing. They use materials that will help the environment and reuse recycled materials to help eliminate waste. 

Eco- friendly clothing leaves a smaller carbon footprint on the Earth and helps eliminate extra chemicals going into the air or touching us from the use of mass production. Not only does sustainable clothing help the environment, but it also gives the chance for people to work and make quality products that they can be proud of. Knowing that the clothing you purchase has benefited the environment is a small and easy way to contribute to making the world a better place.  

Top Sustainable Fashion Brands 

Selecting the best fashion brand is a difficult task, let alone when you take their eco-friendly measures into account. Below are 9 of the best sustainable clothing brands to choose from if you aren’t sure where to begin. 

1. People Tree

People Tree is a company that has been around since the early 90s and is based out of London. All of the materials used are eco- friendly and they prefer to not join the mass production trend. Their clothing is often weaved, knitted, embroidered, and dyed by employees and each piece is made with care. They have unique clothing options that utilize beautiful vibrant colors that are biodegradable, making them an excellent clothing brand to choose. 

2. Alternative Apparel

The store Alternative Apparel is an excellent choice of eco- friendly clothing options for both males and females. They have a simple and modern style of clothing that is comfortable and practical. All of their clothing is made from sustainable materials, such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, and plastic bottles. Not only does this company only sell sustainable options, but the packaging and bags are also eco-friendly! 

3. Burberry

Did you know that Burberry is considered the most sustainable luxury brand? The Dow Jones Index named them the leader in 2018 due to all of their green initiatives. You can see more about how this company is eco- friendly, but their main goal is to get rid of wasted clothing by not destroying articles that go unsold. Burberry is aiming to go plastic-free by the year 2025, and they are already off to an excellent start!

4. Amour Vert 

Amour Vert is a clothing company based in California that produces eco- friendly and sustainable clothing. This company wants to make a difference in the world and is against air pollution. They take as many measures as necessary to eliminate waste and leave a small carbon footprint on this Earth. One of the best things about this company is that every time you make a purchase, they plant a tree in the US! 

5. Finisterre

If you are looking for a clothing company that has perfect options for near the water, then Finisterre is the brand for you.This brand originates from the UK and its goal is to reduce harming the Earth. Their clothes are inspired by the sea and they use wasted materials to create them. Finisterre is taking measures to help reduce plastic waste in the oceans and is constantly inspired by those who help to save the planet. 

6. Threads 4 Thought

Threads 4 Thought is a clothing company that was created in 2006 to help eliminate waste practices that are common within the industry. They use their clothing to help encourage people to join their movement and get rid of wasted materials. They are considered one of the top sustainable clothing companies in the world and have a large selection of clothing articles to choose from. 

7. TenTree

There are many brands attempting to be progressive and make attempts to help the environment and TenTree is one of the best. This company makes their products from recycled cork, coconut, recycled polyester, and many other sustainable materials. Each purchase that you make through, the company plants a tree in a country that is being affected by deforestation. 

8. Matt and Nat 

Matt and Nat are one of the best cruelty-free brands that offer vegan clothing options and other sustainable materials. They have a good selection of clothing but are also known for their impressive accessories. Matt and Nat have a large selection of eco-friendly belts, backpacks, shoes, purses, and more. All of the linings of their bags are made from recycled plastic bottles and utilize small amounts of other sustainable materials. 

9. Stella McCartney

If you are looking for a luxurious and sustainable brand for clothing, Stella McCartney is the brand you need. This brand takes eco-friendly measures from the time that they start creating each clothing piece until the very end. They use alternatives for fur and leather so that you can maintain your fashion and still be environmentally friendly. The innovative styles that Stella McCartney has to offer will make you feel unrestricted and excited to shop! 

Finding sustainable clothing brands that are good quality and fairly priced has never been easier than now. Utilizing the list above can help you get on the right track to having a closet full of eco- friendly clothing. This is an excellent way to help reuse and recycle materials and supporting clothing companies, like these, can even help the environment. 

Don’t be afraid to explore different stores that have sustainable options as well, many kitchen appliances are made from recycled materials along with furniture and decor. Be sure to take a look at our blog to find more articles, like this one, that has organic and sustainable options for nearly everything. 


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