Relationships between Buyers and Fashion: The Real Price of Buying Cheap Things

Fashion is fast becoming one of the most talked-about areas of human aesthetics. Fashion has evolved from the elementary days when it was just about having a piece of cloth over the body. Unlike before, fashion has grown into a business that involves calculations, focus and maximum effort. New ideas spring up, and innovative designs get produced every day. 

Purchasing clothes has become very easy, thanks to the emergence of the internet, and the ease of access to computers and smartphones. The importance of fashion cannot be overemphasized. Fashion gives you a new look and an identity that goes well with your imagination. With the help of new-age machines, conceived thoughts and ideas that once seemed improbable can now be made possible. 

Having a wardrobe full of clothes is not the real deal. Having a wardrobe filled with quality clothes is what makes you fashionable. Quality clothes come with quality materials and careful effort. The price of a cloth does not necessarily reflect the quality, but it tells you that there’s a high chance you would look fashionable in it. 

Reason to Purchase Quality Clothes

The designs applied to quality clothes speak fashion itself. Merely looking at a cloth, you can tell its quality and how well it can be worn. Fabric appeals to fashionable buyers, which is why quality clothes continue to sell well. There are several reasons why you should purchase quality clothes that come with a reasonable price. Some of these reasons are:

It Adds Glamour to Your Look

When you wear good clothes that are not cheap, your appearance comes with a glow that reflects the class emanating from your body. You will enjoy yourself and feel comfortable knowing that there’s a majestic glow that radiates you. 

It Gives You Confidence

Wearing quality clothes gives you the confidence to step out. Knowing you don’t have to worry about loose fabric or weak threads, you will be confident in your clothes. 

It Lasts Longer

Quality clothes last longer because they are of good and strong fabric. Also, they are designed and produced by top-class people who know the value of clothes. 

Elegance Comes at a Price

Unfortunately, a lot of people are ignorant of the advantages of quality clothes and the disadvantages of cheap clothes. Since fashion is now trendy, a lot of people go for the cheaper version of what they desire. Due to the quality, good clothes come at a high price, but cheap clothes do not. Cheap clothes are especially common among people who can’t afford an original designer’s wear and instead go for the fake, cheap ones. 

The beauty of fashion is elegance, and elegance comes at a price. A lot of people are torn between getting quality clothes for a high price or getting something similar for a low price. While it can be argued that the main purpose of clothes is to cover the body, nothing beats a classy look that shows your gracious features. 

Cheap clothes come in very handy, and as expected, they are very cheap. Nowadays, various brands produced top-class designs and merch that people go crazy for. For those who are unable to afford the clothes, they turn their attention to cheap ones or a cheap copy of the same product. Cheap clothes are easily accessible, but they come at their own prices. 

Cheap Clothes Require Cheap Materials, Cheap Labour and Cheap Efforts

Wearing cheap clothes can be very disappointing when you consider the numerous disadvantages attached to it. There are a lot of things wrong with buying cheap clothes and materials. Designers who use cheap fabrics and materials for their designs are less likely to become a huge brand.

It should be noted, however, that not everyone can afford expensive clothes. Regardless of the price, however, opting for cheap clothes when you can afford quality ones is selling yourself short. 

Reasons to Avoid Cheap Clothes 

There are several reasons why you should not opt for cheap clothes. Some are:

Cheap Clothes Make You Look Classless

You look classless when you wear cheap clothes. There’s no glow to your appearance, and no matter how beautiful you are, cheap clothes take away from your natural beauty. 

Cheap Clothes Don’t Last Long

Unlike quality clothes, cheap clothes fade quickly and easily. There’s a limit to how long you can use a cheap cloth. The fabric is of low-quality and can be destroyed at any time. 

You Lack Confidence When You Wear Cheap Clothes

When you’re clad in cheap clothes, you lose confidence in yourself because you are no more classy and elegant. 

Cheap Clothes Can Damage Your Skin

When cheap, fake fabric covers your skin, you are always going to be at risk of having your skin damaged. These fabrics might cause your skin to be irritated, and you’ll be left with unwanted scratches and marks all over your body.

Why You Need To Stop Buying Cheap Clothes

Alongside this is the danger that comes with the demand for the production of these cheap clothes. When there’s a massive discount on clothes, people order a lot of pieces, thereby putting pressure on the designer to produce more pieces. The Rana Plaza building collapse is a prime example of how dangerous it can get to meet the demands of the people for cheap clothes. The article on the Rana building disaster by  TIMES highlights the dangers of purchasing cheap clothes, and what can be done by customers to help out. Purchasing the cheapest cloth or fabric is not what you should call a good bargain. The real price of cheap clothes is mediocrity.

Making and selling cheap clothes adds mediocrity to your brand, and this will not help you grow as a business owner.  As seen with the viral Grist video on Facebook, cheap clothes cause more damage to the environment than good. 

Brands are created by reputation and quality of service. With poor quality, you can hardly find a clothing brand that would stand on its own without trying to copy other brands. 

Cheap Clothes Are Made in Unhealthy Environment

For consumers and customers, it is never advisable to always buy cheap clothes because it seems like the right bargain. Most of these clothes are made in unhealthy environments, under unhealthy conditions. The cheap labour means that maximum effort won’t be used in determining what’s wrong or right with the cloth. 

Cheap Clothes Doesn’t Give You Joy in a Long Run

Cheap clothes come in different forms. Some come as “second-hand” clothes, while some are produced as a pirated copy of another clothing line. Second-hand clothes might come in handy when you want to do menial and dirty jobs, but it doesn’t speak well for you if you consider it a bargain and make it your primary wear.

Going online or visiting the mall to select the cheapest of clothes might give you joy and a temporary sense of satisfaction, but in the long run, will you still love the clothes? Like clothing and tidying expert Marie Kondo asserted, will the cloth “spark joy” when you come across it when tidying? 

So, when you pick up a cloth and buy it because of it’s low price, remember that you’ll only enjoy it for a short time before you spend money buying another cheap one again. The best thing to do is to purchase quality clothes at good prices that would last you longer instead. 


There’s no bargain in buying a lot of cheap clothes that won’t last long. Most of the cheap clothes you buy won’t survive three trips to the laundry before getting faded. The best bargain is to buy quality clothes that come at a good price so that you will be able to enjoy it much longer.


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