Does Statement Jewelry Really Amp Up Your Whole Look?

A study has shown that women spend 17 minutes a day on average, choosing a casual outfit, the time can increase if they have to opt for a special occasion. Women would spend the majority of their time finding the perfect dress, deciding the hair, and the kind of makeup to go with it forgetting about the accessories or paying only a little attention to them. Most of us would only grab come certain regular jewelry items that we wear around the year, not perceiving the importance the right accessory items can add to our look. There needs to be an understanding that while your outfit, hair, and makeup need to be on point, your jewelry pieces can really elevate your look from good to the perfect one. Jewelry items and other accessories that are carefully selected and chosen allow you to keep your current wardrobe feeling up-to-date and not basic.

Plan Your Outfit

Whether you have to be in a business meeting, go out on a lunch date with your friends, visit a museum or attend a wedding ceremony; a carefully curated outfit can really “up” your looks-game. Before choosing the outfit for the moment, consider pondering over the code. The code is the set of fashion-rules you should follow to get ready for a particular place or an event. A formal office presentation would demand you to wear a solid-toned dress. Hanging out with your pals and going to a concert would allow you to go all cheeky and loud with your dress. Choosing the right dress is the key to look your best. Devoting this much of time takes both your outfit and looks game to another height.

Match the Jewelry

You have decided the perfect outfit and all set to deliver your best self out. But there would remain an itsy bitsy lacking to it, i.e., the right and matching jewelry items. The right type of accessories hold power to amp up your outfit and work up the right outfit to the best one. Heading out to that important meeting for your career, you may want to outshine everyone with your skillset and that particular pair of trendy earrings. Will a minimal pendant go with your neckline, or do you need a more pronounced statement choker to rock your dress? You may need one of your favorite gold plated rings to drive attention to your freshly manicured hands. Before leaving, have a peek onto yourself, look for that missing something. You sure do not want to leave a single piece of detail.

Learn to Transform

Transforming is the real key to master. The same outfit with the use of suitable jewelry can work well for both day events and the night! Pair your dress (let’s say, a basic black dress)with heels and a set of cute jewelry accessories or put on a jacket and a wristwatch to make it work as your office attire. You can make up for your no sleeve top wearing chunky bracelets or V-neckline with a glam necklace! Let your creative bone tickle and stand out from the crowd.

Cool Statement Pieces

Keep growing. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Always let your style evolve. If you have not before, buy statement jewelry items. Speak your style through your accessories. Prioritize quality, not quantity. Invest in high-quality statement jewelry items so that you don’t have to deal with the dupes, and your accessory closet remains clutter-free. Buy timeless jewelry items that are shared in every era of fashion. Incorporate these into your daily attire and create a signature style for yourself as it is all about being vocal about your causes now.

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