Health Risks Associated with Chemical Dyes in Your Clothing

Chemical dyes have been existent in the textile industry for long. People usually remodel old garments by dyeing them bright. Thus, the use of store-bought colors is a quick task that most people believe is a swift fix to worn out fabrics. However, chemical dyes cause various health and environmental issues. These are the reason why most people are now turning to Lemlem for a collection of unique handcrafted clothes.

Some of the health risks of chemical dyes in your clothing are:

1. Risk of cancer

Azo dyes are some of the popular colors used in the textile industry. Some of the colors break down during use and release chemicals referred to as aromatic amines; some elements which can cause cancer once they get into contact with the human skin. No wonder the EU has since banned the use of azo dyes that release cancer-causing amines in all textiles.

2. Effects to liver, thyroid and central nervous system

Chlorobenzenes chemicals are useful solvents and biocides in the making of textile dyes as well as chemical intermediaries. The impact of exposure depends on the type of chlorobenzene, but the most common effects are in the liver, thyroid, and central nervous system.

The HCB (hexachlorobenzene) is one of the most lethal and persistent chemicals in this group and is known to upset hormones in the human body. More so, chlorinated solutions used by the textile manufacturers to dissolve other substances during the manufacturing as well as cleaning of fabrics.

The chemical TCE, which habitually depletes the ozone layer, is also known to affect the central nervous system, liver, and kidneys if it persists in the environment. As heavy metals like mercury and lead accumulate in your body over time; they lead to irreversible health effects.

3. Toxic buildup in the body

Your skin keeps you healthy by discharging toxins, but petrochemical fibers suffocate your skin hindering the elimination of poisonous substances.

Secondly, when toxins get absorbed through your skin, they bypass your liver the organ responsible for eliminating them. Remember our skin keeps you healthy by discharging toxins, but petrochemical fibers suffocate it stopping the elimination of virulent materials. Locking your skin triggers the onset of diseases due to toxic buildup as well as the interaction of chemicals.

4. Tumors and allergies

Clothing comes into extended contact with your skin, enabling the toxic chemicals to be absorbed. More so, this happens when your body is warm, and skin pores are open to permit perspiration. This absorption has significant effects on your health, like the increase in tumors. Dyes harbor carcinogens due to the chemicals that make them.

More so, textile dyes cause allergies like contact dermatitis, skin rashes, nausea, itching, fatigue, headaches, and difficulties in breathing all result due to chemical sensitivity. Therefore, if you suffer from strange health symptoms that you don’t seem to get control over, check whether your garments could be the issue.

5. Liver damage

Fabrics made of acrylic have dimethylformamide which can cause liver damage and other health issues after interacting directly with the skin. For this reason, individuals who manufacture acrylics wear clothes to shield themselves.

6. Hormone disruption

Chemicals used in dying and processing fabrics can lead to hormone disruptions as well as cancer-causing agents when they break down in nature and the chemicals dumped in rivers and streams near the factories.


Dyes used in clothing have adverse effects on your health and the surroundings. Though individual chemicals might not risk your health, the synergistic effect of various chemical interacting can have many health effects. As a result, manufacturers are now shifting to treating clothes with dyes made from organic materials. These are safe to the environment, workers, and the wearers.


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