Environmental Friendly Wardrobe for your Children

The one sure thing you can count on when it comes to children and clothing is they will always be growing and thus their wardrobe frequently requires updating. Whether your child is growing, the seasons are changing, their clothing is wearing out or you just want to freshen up their wardrobe, here are four key things to consider when shopping for their wardrobe.

Shop the Basics

While you may live in a 4-season climate or a climate with extremes, it is helpful in any situation to have a basic wardrobe of key essential pieces that can be mixed and matched with other items to create a complete wardrobe. You might see people referring to a capsule wardrobe which is this core set of basic but easy to coordinate clothing items. Having pieces that can be layered for differing temperatures and colors that match well with lots of other colors are important pieces of shopping for basic essentials. Whether t-shirts in white, black, brown or gray or a couple of pairs of black pants, khakis and jeans you can build off of these pieces easily.

Durable Seasonal Clothing

Some of the clothing which gets the most wear and tear on children are their outdoor pieces. With kids playing outside at school, on sports teams or in the neighborhood, their outdoor pieces often take a lot of rough play and show wear and tear more easily. Invest more in quality pieces that will last and keep your child protection from the elements. A high quality kids rain jacket and nice waterproof boots are two examples of outdoor pieces that are essential pieces to a comfortable and effective wardrobe.

Changing Styles

Sometimes as children grow and their interests develop and change, their clothing style may need to change too. A child who is highly athletic and frequently engaged in athletic activities may require a more casual, durable and breathable wardrobe than another child. Or perhaps your child is hitting the early pre-teen years and is complaining about how his or her clothes are “babyish” or not meeting the current styles his or her peers are wearing. While it is not essential to completely overhaul your child’s wardrobe in these cases, it can be fun and a bonding experience for parents to go shopping with their children and help them develop their own taste and preferences. Shopping together is also a great way to help develop smart shopping skills and awareness in children so they can make smart consumer choices as adults when shopping for clothes in the future.

Network Gently Used Pieces

Because children grow in spurts and often, it is not uncommon to find brand new or very rarely worn pieces free or at a great discount. If you have family members, friends, neighbors, or colleagues who have children of the same gender and slightly older than your child or children, ask them if they might be looking to get rid of pieces and help them easily get them to a new home. Other options if you do not have people with children of similar age or gender is to shop consignment sales, garage sales or gently used clothing stores for children. While you may have to do a bit of searching to meet your child’s exact wardrobe needs, the savings in buying used will allow you to invest in those higher priced investment pieces and/or allow you to buy more variety for your child.

Regardless of the reason for updating your child’s wardrobe, there are many helpful tips to consider as you purchase new or gently used pieces for your child. Make sure you start with a solid basic capsule wardrobe and add in other fun seasonal pieces to make each season’s clothing fun to wear for your child. Make sure to find higher quality outdoor pieces that will stand up to your child’s play and the elements outside and allow your child’s style to match their interests and personality. Finally, always remember gently used clothing pieces can save you a great deal of money and still meet all of your child’s clothing needs.

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