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ALA MAIRI is a Luxury Ethical Fashion brand which was inspired by finest craftsmanship of hand-loom weaving in Scotland fused with cultural ties with Pakistan. The journey started in 2011, a deep and personal journey to Highlands of Scotland where she met many individual hand-loom weavers, that following year Fatima visited Pakistan, where she met a community of talented hand embroiders.  She was in awe of the ‘crafts and skills’ of the handmade craftsmanship in both countries and knew then the vision for Ala Mairi was to infuse both cultures through fashion by involving the artisans and her passion for ethical values.
The brand Ala Mairi creates and designs hand-woven and embroidered scarfs, the innovation also takes hand-woven designed patterns and digitally manipulates them to create contemporary scarfs printed onto ethical sourced fabrics from Modal and Organic bamboo silks. Fatima is always researching to bring more ethical and Sustainable ways in new products each year.

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Ala Mairi’s passion

With Ala Mairi’s passion to celebrate the integrity of craftsmanship and hand-made it was to come hand-in-glove that the ethical fashion was a positive route to embrace and with certainty that the brand qualifies as ‘ethical’ – Ala Mairi continues... Read More

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