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Amy is a high school student who enjoys using writing for the purpose of expressing an opinion or point of view on a subject matter. She most enjoys creative writing in the form of fictional stories and descriptive writing pieces. She hopes to be able to give advice and impact the lives of other through the written word, and pursue a career in writing in the future. As a hobby she also enjoys reading, listening to music and composing her own short stories.

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Valentine’s Day Info graphic

St. Valentine’s Day: a day for love, sweets and broken expectations. Though a seemingly harmless holiday on the 14th of February, it houses the tradition of gifting material items to express love, and emptying wallets. Love deserves to be celebrated,... Read More

Winter Coats Infographic

In Winter the best moments are ones spent out enjoying the change in season. As the world has transformed into a wonderland for a few short months, everything is blanketed in fluffy white snow before melting away and revealing ordinary... Read More

DIY Eco Gift Wrapping

It’s a shame that the holidays bring so much waste, but one way we can try and change that is with eco-friendly gift wrapping. These simple tutorials use materials you can find around your home like plastic bottles and newspaper.... Read More

Natural or Synthetic Fabrics

 A Guide to Finding your Ideal Fabric

If you looked in your closet right now you’d probably be able to pin point exactly which clothes are your favourite. That cozy sweater you always turn to when it’s a rainy... Read More

YWCA Week Without Violence

Violence, abuse, sexual assault: we are aware of the terms but never really know the implications of them until it’s too late. Each year there is an average of 460,000 cases of sexual assault on women in Canada, and less... Read More

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