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Andrea is a Freelance writer and activist for better practices in the fashion business. Experienced in the international market with a particular comprehension on the Latin American region, founder of La Petite Mort (organic streetwear).

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Are you cool?

This is the question that Kamila Boudonova, founder of Sustainable Fashion Day Prague, openly asks to the Czech/Slovak consumer.

A few years ago Kamila, a professor at Mod Spe-Paris and founder of Moyomi Workshop (online fashion business programs), decided to go back to her hometown to promote a new way to make and consume fashion. Today, after more than three years of continued work, she has become one of the main voices of sustainable fashion in her country. She has ... Read More

From France with love: an open call for support

When I started La Petite Mort, as a project to promote sustainable Fashion, around a year and a half ago, I had a second personal intention: to somehow enhance the bonds between the two countries where this project mainly develops, Peru and France. How to do so with the barrier of language, culture, time zone and, let’s not forget, the Atlantic? I wasn’t really sure at the time, but I knew I wanted to. One good day, I accidentally met Jean-Alfredo, ... Read More

My closet is yours to take

  If we can airbnb some guy’s apartment and we can uber-jump into some lady’s car, taking out some other girl’s dress for a weekend party doesn’t sound like the craziest idea... It almost seems logical. The sharing economy (or collaborative consumption) has taken over society to the benefit of us all… an alternative system created by the people, for the people. At least this is how dreamers would see it, at least until local governments started taxing the ... Read More

How to make Fashion Revolution Day BIGGER?

  Having just passed the 3rd edition of Fashion Revolution Day, the 2nd for me personally, it’s time to think about the reach, the improvements and the challenges the next editions will be facing. I cannot speak much for the 1st edition since I had only heard vaguely. At the time, I was already settled in France, already working in fashion, yet still totally unaware.  I consider this to be normal since it was a brand new movement. Though ... Read More

Cherish that plastic bag!

By now you are probably used to have us, eco activists, asking you to stop using plastic bags; asking you to choose carrying your own cloth bag when doing groceries, to ask for a paper bag when possible or, when everything fails, put all the items in ONE single plastic bag, and then put that bag into the recycle bin (please). Yes, that is what ideally we should all be doing in order to reduce the massive ... Read More

Entrepreneurial Fashion, done Right!

Nowadays, we frequently meet entrepreneurs. I don’t know what it is, but it seems like the safe dream job is long gone for many. Perhaps it’s a combination of globalization, a new paradigm in education, or better public policies and support for innovation. Or maybe is just something in the air mixed with optimistic songs and highly commercialized insights like “do what you love”, and “travel and “experiences are worth more than money". But all of ... Read More

Latin America Growing Organic: the Gap from Producing to Consuming

Latin America has historically been known for its colourful living, cultural diversity, and natural resources. Unfortunately it has also been known for its inequality, insecurity, and political instability. On balance though, it remains an attractive destination and, moreover, an important source of raw materials. Taking a look back, when we were first entered the occidental world as a colony, our commercial relations were based on fulfilling the resource needs of developed countries. Later, as a free continent deep in debt, industrialization came very ... Read More

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