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We at Bunosilo, support informed consumerism and slow fashion. We are of the view that clothes have a soul, the quality and sourcing of fabrics very important. Artisans should be respected and supported. Each and every form of traditional craft holds value and should be encouraged. Sustainability is the need of the hour, and ethics in fashion are very important.

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MALKHA - A Social Movement in India: Producing Fabric That’s Beautiful Inside and Out

The word “Malkha” stands for more than a type of fabric – but is also the name of a social movement as well.  Malkha supports a decentralized, sustainable, field-to-fabric cotton textile chain, collectively owned and managed by the farmers, spinners,... Read More

The Dark Side of Cheap Fashion

The Actual COST of Cheap Fashion Clothes: Fast fashion and how we are all paying for it.

Fast fashion is an industry that provides the latest fashion at low prices. It creates the culture of fast changes... Read More

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