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Carolyn Bailey founded Treasure Box kids,  an online retailer for kid’s fashions based in Orlando, FL. in 2006 and has since dedicated her time to manufacturing and selling clothes that are high quality and ethically made. Treasure Box Kids features two lovely lines, “Treasure Box Kids USA by Carolyn Bailey,” which is manufactured in the USA and “Little Maisha,” which benefits victims of human trafficking. “Little Maisha” allowed Carolyn to launch efforts to help educate and employ Kenyan women, ultimately preventing them from becoming human trafficking victims. Through Carolyn’s passion, leadership and experience, Treasure Box Kids has emerged as an expert in the children’s clothing industry. For more information about Treasure Box Kids and its cause, please visit

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Forget Fast Fashion: Slow Fashion Industry’s Sustainable Efforts

Sustainable Slow Fashion

Sustainable fashion   Imagine working all day in a crowded, hot, factory with harsh chemicals that makes it hard to breath. All of a sudden, people begin trying to frantically evacuate the building. You have no idea what... Read More

Shopping for Ethical Children’s Clothing

Buying ethical children’s clothing may seem impractical with children growing so fast, but it is important for your child, society and the environment.

Buying ethical children's clothing, that are made with a higher standard of production, decreases the need for large... Read More

Slow Down: Fast Fashion has Harmful Effects

Fast Fashion: What are we supporting every time we get a 'deal'?

Image from: The Made in America movement   A brand that you know and love may be a culprit of fast fashion. Many people are not... Read More

12 thoughts on “Slow Down: Fast Fashion has Harmful Effects

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  2. Carolyn , a good post explaining all effects about fast fashion and consequences of the customer choices. As outlined in the post it is important consumer must be able to make “nformed buying decisions.

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