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Cindy Rangel is an entrepreneur and founder of Nomada Co, a sustainable travel handbag company in pre-launch phase. She loves all things sustainable fashion, writing, and photography. Join her on her journey for news, interviews, travel stories and the launch of NOMADACO in June 2017.  

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Hannah Victoria is a designer forging her way into the sustainable fashion sector.  Women are at the forefront of this dynamic shift in how we think about clothes and the purchase of them. Read part 1 of this... Read More

Sustainable Dyers, an interview with Hannah Victoria (Part1)

Hanna Victoria is an ethical designer, vegan, and plant-based dyer living in the U.K. She is currently launching her own independent design collection.

Hannah Victoria

She has in-depth scope of textile work and fashion.  Her natural dye approach incorporates the use... Read More

7 Ways to Travel like an Eco-Tourist Pro

Heard of the term Eco-tourist? Well, that may be a self described word that is turning out to be one of the ways to really travel, view the world and return home to tell your friends and family transformative stories.... Read More

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