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Hello! I’m Dominique, spidermonkey to some (I’ve often been told I look like one, must be my love for leafy greens and the silly facial expressions I can’t help but make sometimes!). I live in South Wales with my boyfriend (not the chicken in the photo…).
My dream is to – one day – have a smallholding in the country (preferably eastern Scotland) with alpacas, chickens and a Doberman. But until then I’m happy being a marketing and communications officer living in beautiful, busy, eclectic Cardiff.
In my spare time I love to write, crochet, and draw. I’m into arts and crafts, delicious food and drink, travel, running and yoga, going to gigs, ethical fashion, and I believe in giving something back by volunteering! I currently volunteer on and off in my local community garden, with the RSPB, local social enterprise Green City Events and the g39 art gallery in Cardiff.
This blog is a place to share all the things I love about life and where I can hopefully offer you inspiration and encourage your curiosity to give something new a go – whether it’s growing your own vegetables, picking up a crochet hook, or trying your hand at a new recipe for the first time.

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