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Jenny Arrington is a yoga teacher and founder of Karma Trik, a garment made from one piece of cloth that can be worn 15 ways. She attended the MIT Global Entrepreneur Bootcamp where Karma Trik was chosen to pitch. She is also mother of two girls, fundraiser, community collaborator, and amateur aerialist.

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6 Lessons from a Tiny Home That Will Inspire Your Wardrobe

“Can you have sex in a tiny house loft without hitting your head? Where does your poop go?” Apparently among the tiny home community, it takes a mere 10 minutes for the discussion to come to these questions of basic human function. I’m not able to answer these from first hand experience but I’m told all works out just fine.

I was in search of answering a broader question of human functions. “Is a tiny home livable?” And “Where do people ... Read More

Clean Secrets of a Better Boudoir YOU Can Get Dirty In

The bed is made! What else do I have to worry about?
Purple and white, quilted and textured, silky and furry. My bed is an inviting place that I want to crawl into at night. I wash the sheets irregularly and never change the blankets for the season because I’m lazy like that.

The bed is made! What else do I have to worry about?

My bed is dirty? Toxic dirty? If you like to worry and want to spend three hours down a rabbit hole of fear and toxicity, Read More

Vegans Bring Pleather’s Sexy Back

No meat! No eggs! No milk! No Cheese!? Hold up. It’s that cheese that usually gets ‘em, but I figured out how to eat a vegan diet. I read Beauty Detox Diet by Kimberly Snyder and watched Forks Over Knives. This vegetarian was sold and it was easy to take the next step to eating vegan. I could live longer, age slower, prevent disease, save hundreds of gallons of water, reduce deforestation, reduce dead ... Read More

One Thing We Can Do

There is ONE thing we can do that will help fight fast fashion. . We are busy. We have a thousand goals, aspirations, to­dos, wishes, musts, activities, meetings, and sometimes, kids. We don’t need a list of ten things think about when while trying to make an impact on the fashion industry. The unethical practices and pollution caused by fashion is new to me. I used to pride myself on getting compliments on my $7 shirt from H&M’s predecessor, Pay/Half. Pay/Half was ... Read More

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