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Julia loves to write about topics that interest and inspire her to make a difference in the world. She also enjoys editing and researching for new ideas to put in her writing. She is passionate about her work and would love to be able to change the world one small step at a time.

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Why Not Put Some Thought Into It?

Collectors Organic Cotton Shirt

So, what is Thought exactly? Thought is a clothing company that believes in making easy-to-wear clothes that are sustainable and organic.

They only use natural fabrics like bamboo, hemp, and organic cotton in order to create fashion that fits the consumer’s lifestyle. What do they consider the “Thoughtful Way” of making fashion? It’s fairly simple: believe it or not, the company works ethically from beginning to end. From the fabrics they use to how they design, make, and deliver their garments, they ... Read More


Our eco fashion warriors have pieced together stylish and ethical Spring/Summer outfits. These outfits are all completely made of sustainable and ethical clothing just for you!

Look how easy it is for you to look super cute and fresh, while still helping to save the environment! It’s that easy everyone! Now go look at these outfits and start building your spring wardrobe today!

 The first outfit pictured above includes an Aand white leather backpack at Zady, which is ... Read More

9 Brands to Buy if You Want to Make the World a Better Place

Clothes tag reads made with love

What's in style today is often quick, easy, and disposable. The high turnover for new merchandise has created a culture of fast fashion. This means that clothes are being tossed into landfills and high amounts of energy are needed to re-purpose an old shirt into something new.

This cycle of environmental destruction as a byproduct of fashion is not the only option that is available. There are many brands that are ethical, eco-friendly, and create sustainable incomes for people who would ... Read More

How Barbie affects gender perceptions

The History of Barbie Day:

The original 1959 Teenage Fashion Model Barbie. (Credit: Mattel) The history of Barbie Day is also the history of Barbie herself because March. 9th marks her official birthday. Barbie debuted on March 9, 1959 at the American International Toy Fair in New York. Ruth Handler, the wife of Elliot Handler, who is the co-founder of the toy company Mattel, Inc., thought that the toy market needed something ... Read More

Exciting New Event at Shop Vegan UK!!

Shop Vegan UK is a collaborative project by Vegan.London that aims to promote small independent vegan product designers/makers by hosting shared shop space, pop-up events, and an annual showcase.

They have just announced an exciting new event happening at their themed vegan shop named “Residences” in London, UK. The first theme of the event is going to be “T-Shirts & Totes” and the shop has invited a number of independent vegan designers/makers to showcase their products ... Read More

Saving the World's Oceans, One Shoe at a Time

About the Shoe

Adidas' latest running shoe is subtle and soft-looking with stitching that evokes the sea. Adidas came out with the first prototype of the shoe in 2015, with the intent of playing a small role in cleaning up the oceans and adjusting its supply chain to better reflect the constraints of climate change. By the time 2016 came around, Adidas already had a finished product completed. In ... Read More

Well That's A Fruity Idea!


Move Over Leather - There is a New Kid on the Textile Block! Who lives in a pineapple under the sea...no no...I'm just kidding...but seriously...pineapples are the new best thing in the fashion industry today! Do you know why? Because of Piñatex™! Piñatex was created by Ananas Anam Ltd. in 2013 and is an entirely new approach to non-woven textiles. It is made completely out of pineapple leaves and is just as ... Read More

The Shoe That Grows

The Beginning of The Shoe That Grows

Earlier this week when I was scrolling through through my Facebook feed, I saw a very interesting and powerful video that caught my eye. Children in developing countries are usually seen with having inadequate footwear that they have outgrown as they continue to grow at a rapid pace and are therefore having to squeeze their feet into shoes that are too small for ... Read More

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