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A Peahen is the lesser-known name for a female peacock. I settled on this name to represent the bold, frivolous pursuit of fashion, which I love but struggle to anchor in deeper meaning. The entire fashion process – designing, styling, shopping, dressing – should be celebrated as form of self-expression. As consumers in the industy, we should also demand that our self-expressions reflect our ethical standards. My vision in writing for The Peahen is to uncover and expose ways to make ethical standards in fashion mainstream. Because ethical fashion advocates and designers haven’t settled on a unifying name for the industry yet, I will cover a range of topics including: ethical fashion, sustainable fashion,  fair trade, conscious fashion, cause fashion, purposeful fashion, and artisan fashion.
Thanks for joining my journey in changemaking.
You can shop and read on my Find Ethical Fashion page. The Peahen is a member of the Ethical Writers Coalition, a group of journalists, writers, and bloggers who seek to support and further ethical and sustainable living online and in print.

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  • by Kasi
Reprinted with permission from The Peahen Blog Choosing leather ethically can be tricky. I’ve deciphered some of the popular options and brands to help you cut through the marketing and get to the truth. I learned these lessons first-hand when my... Read More

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