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Kim is an avid traveler and freelance writer with a degree in professional writing and rhetoric. Her desire to see the world "with eyes unclouded" is expressed in her personality and writing. She hopes to spread awareness on international issues and sustainability.

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Organic vs Synthetic Fabrics for A New Mattress

What do you look for when buying a new mattress? Latex, innerspring and foam are the most common mattress types but what's natural and what's organic? Mattress shopping can become more complicated than you expect if you haven't done... Read More

Spotlight: World Chocolate Day! Is Ethical and Slave-Free Chocolate Possible?

The chocolate industry is a tough and competitive business that involves harrowing practices such as human trafficking, child-labour, and slavery. These atorcities tend to result from big chocolate companies trying to keep costs down while maintaining a closed curtain in... Read More

World Ocean Day: Microplastic is Contaminating Our Oceans


Millions of microscopic plastic fibres are released into our water systems every day and are polluting our aquatic ecosystems from our synthetic clothing. How do we stop it?

World Ocean Day Beach season is drawing near. Time to bust out... Read More

National Dairy Month: Spoiled Milk Becomes Organic and Bio-Degradable Fabric

Milk in a glass

It's Monday morning. The milk is five days past its "best by" date. I do not gamble this early into the day or week. As a result, my morning tea is a little bit lackluster today.

The carton is almost half-full... Read More

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