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Rhea Hamlin is the Marketing and Communications Specialist at TapRoot Fibre Lab; where she is researching and promoting flax and linen. Rhea has a Business Administration degree with a Major in Marketing and a Minor in Management from Mount Saint Vincent University.

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Taproot Update: Flax Processing and a New Website

If you have seen pictures of our linen products and are eager to try them, you are in luck! We recently launched our website, which includes online shopping capability. Our linen products are all produced from flax grown here on the farm, and any blended products are combined with local sheep’s wool. Some of our spun yarn (100% tow) In preparation for our website launching, we have been working on developing our logo and product labels. Our first ... Read More

Spring flax for fall linen

Spring has sprung and we are all excited for what the season has in store for us. Patricia met up with Suszanne Schwal back in 2015r to talk about their adventures in linen. A year later, Suszanne popped by to check in on where we are at with things at TapRoot Fibre. She wrote a lovely blog post on her website about TapRoot Fibre Lab. Our seeds for this upcoming growing season arrived from Belgium. This ... Read More

Farming Flax for Organic Linen (Part 3)

  • by Rhea
Our TapRoot Fibre venture started with Patricia's vision to grow clothes on her farm. Now, we are working hard to make that vision a reality! 80% Short line linen & 20% wool yarn and fabric  

Moving Forward

As mentioned in our previous blog post, we project that the full TapRoot Fibre Lab processing line will be ready for market by the end of 2016. Testing continues on our breaking machine (stage 2), while building continues on our scutching prototype ... Read More

Farming Flax for Organic Linen (Part 2)

  • by Rhea

Fibre Lab

TapRoot Fibre Lab is the only company, globally, that is developing a small-scale option for machinery to transform retted flax into long line linen yarn. The idea for the Fibre Lab grew from owner Patricia Bishop’s dream to grow clothes on the farm she owns with her husband, Josh Oulton. The farm was overrun with stinging nettles and Patricia wondered if there was a way to process the bast fibre. It turns out that nettle is a bit of ... Read More

Farming Flax for Organic Linen (Part 1)

  • by Rhea
The organic agriculture industry has experienced significant growth. This due in part to people becoming more aware of  the environmental footprint of traditional farming practices. It is also because people have become more concerned about eating food grown with toxic chemicals. If we are concerned about the chemical toxins entering our bodies via the food we eat, then shouldn’t we also be concerned with the chemical toxins that enter our bodies via the clothes we wear? The threat is ... Read More

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