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Ryan is a recent graduate of McMaster University's history program and has a passion for reading, writing, and the art of storytelling . In his free time he likes to blog about movies, TV shows, and books. You can check out more of Ryan's writing at https://greaterdepths.wordpress.com/

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GIRLBOSS-The Problems with Mainstreaming Alternative Fashion

Girlboss, a Netflix original series chronicling the life of Sophia Amoruso and her founding of Nasty Gal Vintage, isn't particularly good - evidenced by its struggle to find viewership and critic approval and its... Read More

National Sewing Machine Day: The Story of an Invention that Changed the World

On this day in 1790, English inventor Thomas Saint received the first patent for an invention that would change the world: the sewing machine. You may think that I’m being dramatic in saying that a machine used to stitch pieces... Read More

'The True Cost' of Modern Fashion

The True Cost, a 2015 documentary about the negative environmental and human effects of the global garment industry, is a lesser-known film in the Netflix catalogue that attempts to tackle an issue that perhaps not many people are... Read More

2 thoughts on “‘The True Cost’ of Modern Fashion

  1. That’s a rather bizzare depiction of the story but nonetheless the truth. More research needs to be done on the subject especially by humanitarian
    agencies. Thanks for sharing.

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