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Sam is a third year film studies student at Wilfrid Laurier University. He loves going to the movies. He has recently developed a interest in the environment and is always excited to learn new things. At any time he can seen keeping up with the newest release dates of upcoming movies.

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Three Ethical Reasons to Avoid Synthetic Fabrics and Switch to Natural Fabrics

After doing research on the comparisons between natural and synthetic fabrics, I’ve begun to pay more attention to the apparel that I wear and what information influences consumers’ clothing choices.  When it comes to purchasing and wearing clothes, consumers are... Read More

The Issue of Menstrual Hygiene Management in Low-Income Countries

In low-income countries, many schoolgirls’ education is threatened when taking time off to manage their menses. When girls are unable to access menstrual hygiene resources at school, their education can come to a hiatus or end. Intelligent young girls... Read More

The Value and Treatment of Clothes

Find out how you should deal with your clothes to help those in need, preserve the environment, and to reduce the cost of your wardrobe.   When it comes to evaluating one’s wardrobe, consumers should understand how long their clothes... Read More

Three Eye Opening Videos about the Cotton Industry in Uzbekistan

When it comes to spreading the word about the cotton industry, people should be told the truth. Consumers should understand the sacrifice and forced conditions endured by garment workers that went into making their clothes.  In addition, three eye-opening videos... Read More

Child Labour in the Fashion Industry

Child Labour in the Fashion Industry - 3 Life Changing Videos

When it comes to spreading the word, I’m always looking for routes to inspire people to take notice and understand the true sacrifice involved in making clothes. I hope to... Read More

 The Dark Side of the Cotton Industry

Cotton Dust
Upon discovering the effects of cotton dust, I felt compelled to make people aware of this problem. It was shocking to realize how textile workers suffered when breathing in this invisible toxin that was slowly killing them. After... Read More

Chemicals in our clothes

I’m always looking to spread awareness to encourage consumers to pay attention to the manufacturing of their clothing. After watching these videos, it seems the price of beauty comes at a great cost. It’s crucial to pay attention to the... Read More

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