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Sara Corry, aka Abena Sara lives in the Eastern Region of Ghana, West Africa, close to the capital city, Accra. Tropical Africa is feeling like home now after nearly 30 years as a desert dweller! When not involved in business development, she can be found with camera in hand trying to photograph the beautiful native bird life. She writes a blog about daily life in Ghana, and is a contributor to a website devoted to wildlife conservation in Africa. She has a passion for travel and would jump on a plane to almost anywhere at a moment’s notice!

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In 2002 the UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, native of Ghana, West Africa, commissioned the Millennium Project – “to develop a concrete action plan for the world to achieve the Millennium Development Goals and to reverse the grinding poverty, hunger and disease affecting billions of people.”

Day of the African child   The Project noted that at the turn of the millennium, over a billion people in the world were living on less than $1 a day and ... Read More

Compassion and Entrepreneurship

TRADES OF HOPE – Third World Artisans + First World Compassion = Entrepreneurship. An interview with Veronica Lugo Martinez

Veronica is one of those Facebook friends I’ve really connected with over the years.  She’s part of an amazing organization called Trades of Hope.  I’ve followed her posts and have grown in my admiration for how Trades of Hope joins artisans in developing countries with entrepreneurs in the U.S. to create a thriving business that’s a win-win all around.  Please read on to ... Read More


An interview with Christine Glidden

I recently had coffee with Christine Glidden, founder and director of 501(c)(3) non-profit Women To Be. Since 2014, Women To Be has been bringing dignity to women living in poverty by supplying them with reusable sanitary products.  In just a moment I’ll share more about her project – where it’s been and where it’s going.  Christine and I met shortly before I left for Ghana in October 2015, and stayed in touch during the nine months ... Read More


An interview with Esther Amate of Exmac Fabrics in Accra, Ghana

Esther in a yoga pose, outside her lovely home in one of Accra’s suburbs Sometimes you can know someone for years and yet not really KNOW them.  I’ve been doing business with Esther for two years now and consider myself fortunate to finally have been able to interview her and learn more about her life.  Esther is one of those people who’s full of surprises - a real gem ... Read More

Bayer’s Bid to Buy Out Monsanto

Bayer’s Bid to Buy Out Monsanto Would Create the World’s Largest GMO and Pesticide Supplier While Germany-based pharmaceutical giant Bayer, and U.S.-based Monsanto, world leader in GMO seeds and pesticides haggle over multi-billions of dollars, the livelihoods and indeed the very lives of farmers and consumers hangs in the balance.  As of this writing, Monsanto has turned down Bayer’s $62 billion (USD) offer to buy the corporation, but has stated a willingness to continue talks, stating “there will be synergies.”  The ... Read More


Akwaaba from Ghana, West Africa, the home of Trashy Bags – makers of some of the coolest sustainable fashion accessories around!  I had the good fortune to visit their factory and showroom in Accra, Ghana’s bustling capital city, and interview founder and director, Stuart Gold. This peaceful looking, well-groomed property in one of Accra’s more affluent neighborhoods belies the beehive of activity taking place behind those gates. Trashy Bags is a non-governmental organization (NGO) registered in Ghana, that’s ... Read More

Weaving the Past to Support the Future – Village Artistry in Ghana

  A spectacular sunrise over the shore of the Keta Lagoon, near Dogbekope village in Ghana’s Volta Region On an idyllic morning in a picturesque remote village in southeastern Ghana, I went for a walk to learn more about one of the traditional crafts Ghana is known for – the weaving of Kente cloth.  There’s a controversy over which tribe originated the style of weaving known as “Kente” – and it’s understandable that more than one group would ... Read More


Akwaaba from Ghana!  Today I would like to highlight one Batiks for Life’s customers, Dara Ambriz, the owner of Hopeless + Cause Atelier (link), a sustainable fashion design business.  As Dara explains, she is “hopelessly in love with designing one of a kind haute couture” and believes in supporting causes that improve the lives of others through her business. I met Dara at a Wednesday morning entrepreneur networking event in Albuquerque, New Mexico in one of those moments of synchronicity.  As ... Read More

'Hands Up' for Sustainable Fashion in Ghana

Akwaaba from Ghana, West Africa! Check out our Sustainable Clothing

In the  previous post, I talked about my vision for women’s empowerment and economic development in Ghana through providing a “hand-up” to financial independence. Now I’d like to be more specific about the business I’m engaged in and our plans are for creating a thriving “hand-up” environment. There are several parts to our overall business focus, all of which revolve around the idea that if ... Read More


Lake Volta, one of the beautiful landscapes in Ghana

Albuquerque to Aburi

Good day to everyone from Ghana, West Africa! Or as we say here, “akwaaba” – welcome. Welcome to this blog about sustainable fashion, women’s empowerment, environmental consciousness, and economic development in this developing nation. My given name is Sara, but I also go by my Ghanaian day name, Abena – “born on Tuesday.” Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.A. is my hometown, but I now live in ... Read More

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