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Sarah Stocks is a Community Service Worker college graduate that enjoys helping others as much as she can and spending as much time with her son as she can. Making the world a better place for her son to grow up in, is what she hopes to achieve, even if it's only a little bit at a time.

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Standing up for ethical fashion!

Living in a Western country, it’s easy to forget about the disasters, the violence, and the abuse happening all over the planet.

And what’s even more uncomfortable, is the realization that we... Read More

Nike: Plus size model's, not plus sized clothes!

Nike and plus-size models on social media

While doing my daily surfing of Facebook, I came across an article on BuzzFeed. The article was called "Nike used a Plus-size model on it's Instagram and people have... Read More

School Uniforms: the good & the bad!

There's always been controversy over school uniforms

While currently, it's only in catholic schools in Canada that have to wear uniforms; it's an ongoing heated debate. Should all schools have students wear uniforms? Most jobs these days have some sort of uniform... Read More

Manipulated into buying more

The power of advertising

Sitting watching TV we all see those TV ad's, or when you're sitting in the doctor's office or even your hair stylist salon waiting for your appointment, you pick up that magazine that's sitting on the table... Read More

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