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Sharon Kashani is a Masters of Arts in English Literature recipient from the University of Toronto. Upon applying for graduate school, Sharon was honoured to receive the major federal award for humanities doctoral programs in Canada, The Joseph-Armand Bombardier CGS-SSHRC Masters Scholarship. Her SSHRC proposal, entitled Gender and Sexuality in Novelistic Works, described a project that aimed to chart the subversive tendencies of women writers through their depictions of sexuality and gender in novels. Most recently, Sharon has completed her Masters and is excited to now be writing for Trusted Clothes.

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The Complicated Economics of Sweatshops

Once in a while, I read through my childhood diary. As I do, my nine-year-old self leaps from its pages and proclaims her plans to save the world. It's interesting to see what things impacted my life at that age.

I... Read More

The Sewbo as the solution the sweatshops: the pros and cons to this mode of thinking

A few weeks ago, I discussed the topic of 3d printing as a possible solution to sweatshop labour. On September 22nd, the MIT Technology Review published an article on Sewbo, a start-up that has invented a way to... Read More

Shopping Second Hand In Toronto

Thrift and vintage shopping in Toronto

I am a clothing enthusiast, possibly as a result of proxy, rather than an innate attraction to fashion.  My maternal grandmother made a career for herself as a successful seamstress and clothing designer in the '60s,... Read More

Is 3D Printing A Solution to Sweatshop Labour?

3D printers are still in their infancy, but they threaten corporate ways of greed slave labor.

Danit Peleg’s conceptual, 3D-printed collection (Courtesy Danit Peleg) Scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed in 2015, I passed by an article describing 3D printed clothing... Read More

From Refugee to Sweatshop Labourer for Syria's Children

Image of a young boy sewing clothes in a refugee sweatshop

Over the last few months, reports have been surfacing regarding a new plight facing Syrian refugees.

SEAMSTER: Muhamed Awwal, a 13-year-old from Syria, works in his father's basement factory in Istanbul. Around 665,000 school-age Syrian children who live in... Read More

Sexual abuse and economic inequality

Not simply a matter of location: The ties between sexual abuse in sweatshops and economic inequality

In an editorial written for the New York Times in December 2014, the author claimed that women in poverty are at a much greater risk... Read More

Maternity Leave (or rather lack thereof) in Sweat Shops

If you google "sweatshop labour and women," a figure reporting that 85% of sweatshop workers are female between the ages of 15-25 appears.

Bangladeshi women work in a garments factory in Dhaka on April 16, 2012. The textiles and... Read More

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