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Sian is a love of travel, fashion and all things ethical. She is one of the founders of Little Lotus Boutique, supporting artisans and championing handmade, ethical garments from across the globe. She lives and blogs in the UK but rarely sits still and can often be found with a backpack on exploring a different corner of the world!

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Women’s rights and ethical fashion

 “Clothes aren’t going to change the world. The women who wear them will” – Anne Klein

As women in the Western world, we’re the fast fashion industry’s main target market. Every month a new round of glossy fashion magazines hits the shelves,... Read More

Elephant rides

If you’re trying to live ethically but you’ve also been bitten by the travel bug, making sure your globe-trotting adventures fit with your ethical lifestyle can be a challenge.

I’m ashamed to admit that while I was travelling in Cambodia I... Read More

An Introduction to Ethical Fashion

When it comes to ethical fashion it can be really hard to know where to start. There are so many issues to consider, from the welfare and fair wages of the people who make your clothes, to... Read More

Fast Fashion and Your Carbon Footprint

  • by Sian
Many of us are aware of the Rana plaza collapse in 2013 that killed nearly 1,134 people. The collapse brought the working conditions in ‘fast fashion’ factories to the attention of the global media. The wages and working conditions for... Read More

How to Organise a Clothes Swap

  • by Sian

Getting Started

A clothes swap, clothes swapping, or ‘swishing’ is the next best thing to a shopping spree – in fact, it’s even better because it doesn’t damage your bank balance and it’s much more ethical! So get... Read More

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