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Stylianee is an ethical fashion evangelist, among other things. She is passionate about all things sustainable, ethical and conscious and apart from raising awareness and advocating on upcycling, recycling, swapping, mending (not necessarily in this order) these days she is working on the launch of her sustainable fashion brand. Organic cotton, natural fabrics and smart design will do the trick.

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Carmen Hijosa Introduces New Materials

Dr Carmen Hijosa, a role model for women researchers and fashion pioneers, is not only introducing us to a new material Piñatex™, a breakthrough in the sustainable textiles industry and also in the niche of vegan fashion, but she is doing it mighty so, over the age of sixty. I’ve me Carmen in London, and hugely enjoyed the presentation of her project; her enthusiasm and energy was that of a girl who is still exploring the world. I wanted in ... Read More

24 Hours for Sustainability

Being in London for more than 24 hours without getting sight of Thames River was a first.  And when the Thames is your favourite sight in London that means that something is wrong. Or maybe, something is right instead.

You know how priorities change over time. London used to be all about culture and architecture; it was about enjoying beauty in all its forms. But there came a time when fairness came before beauty. Then came a time when being conscious ... Read More

Forward fashion


Fashion retailers are not ethical, we are told. Just as fashion producers are not sustainable and fashion consumers are not conscious. That’s why we adhere to the fashion revolution movement, that’s why we want to bring fast fashion practices to an end and embrace slow fashion.
But, you know what? A wind of change is blowing. More and more people seem to understand that the environment is in danger due to incidents ... Read More

My fashion (R)evolution


True Slow Fashion: Understanding the Needs of the Conscious Consumer & the Working Girl

Seven days into thinking about how to start this article and facing what we commonly describe as an uncomfortable writer’s block, some door in my head, locked to me until now, miraculously opened and gave way to my first clothing memory. I was three or four years old and out in the open. The sun was shining and my father and a friend of ... Read More

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