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Sukhdev is a British Indian, who has lived and worked in a number of cities including London, New York, Boston, Vilnius, Bogota and Dubai, where he resides with his wife. He currently works to help start-up companies that have a social impact. His latest venture is Chanzez, which will produce (not source) clothing ethically and use profits generated in the production countries solely to fund social impact projects such as school scholarships. Sukhdev is a CFA charter holder with an MBA with top honours from Columbia Business School in New York, an MSc from The London School of Economics and a BSc (Hons) from Aston University in Birmingham, England.

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Stopping black money

Chirag is a local government official. He lives in a major city with his family and has been relatively successful in his career earning a good living from politics. Chirag has worked for the Indian government for more than 10 years. In that time he has seen many of the country’s evils: bribery, drug trafficking, prostitution, money laundering and much more. During his tenure he has been involved in some tough committees including those that oversee the enforcement of city ... Read More

Growth Through Entrepreneurship in The UK

Susanna recently divorced her husband and is living with her two kids, Sean (9), and Justin (12). They live in a rented apartment in the city. Susanna is not happy with her situation and wants to start a new life. She not only wants to better her life, but she also thinks that she needs to get out of her routine and become more independent. She is a certified nurse but has a lot of hobbies including cooking, baking, photography ... Read More

Capitalism Has Changed For The Worse

John owns an IT consultancy. He built his business from scratch through hard work, long hours, and good service. He learnt how to program from some online courses as his formal education was not that great. After a few contracting jobs, he became a good programmer and he started to build his business with like-minded people. His business is not large, but he can bid for mid-sized jobs in the IT services market.

What’s wrong with capitalism?

Capitalism at its core ... Read More

Does India Need to Worry About its Textile Industry?


A look into textile manufacturing in India

Mitul has decided to set up a factory. He read reports of a new textile law, which should bring investment and customers to the country, and he wants to capitalise on it. He should be able to start with a small investment, as there are good places for rent, lots of people to hire and little capital investment, as he only needs some furniture and 5-10 sewing machines to start with. Cotton textile ... Read More

You Have To Be Sustainable To Survive In The Market

  Lakshay is an advisor to a local politician, who is about to stand for a State election. He believes his candidate is looking to help people at the grass roots level in a State where cotton farming is an important industry. He has been tasked to develop a policy that will both increase short term economic benefits for the poor, but also have an eye on long term prosperity for the State. Lakshay is at a quandary. If he advocates ... Read More

The effects of alcohol and drug abuse in India

“After my dad re-married when I was 5 years old, my step-mother started treating me ill. For instance, she set my right foot on fire because I wasn’t helping her with daily chores. I took charge and fled from home, went out searching for a job and when I was 8 years old, I met a few girls of my age who were working in an export factory. I also joined work there and stayed with my new-found friends. With ... Read More

Changes to Labour Laws to Approve Child Labour are Simply Wrong

child labour trusted clothes India

What is The Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act, 1986?

Sachin is a cobbler who works day and night to be able to provide for his family. His family have worked as cobblers for decades with the trade being passed down from father to son. Sachin has a 12 year old boy, Akash, who he would like to follow in his footsteps. Sachin feels that giving Akash a trade will help him in the future to get married and ... Read More

Refugees Face Slavery and Human Trafficking

Zaid is 14 year old boy, who has seen years of fighting in his home country. His father sat him down and gave him a mission that can help him and his family resolve their terrible situation.

Zaid’s father knows the family has to leave or they will be subject to living under an idolised military junta, torture or even death. His younger brother could be conscripted into an evil army. His sister could be forced into marriage at the ... Read More

Demand led economics

Aiden is an ordinary guy, with an ordinary family, in an ordinary town. He was fortunate enough to get on the property ladder. He has a good job as a mid-level manager in a services company, and his family’s standard of living is what anyone would expect of a middle-income family. Over the last ten years, his spending power has been squeezed. He can still go out and buy things on credit, but he is more wary of debt since ... Read More

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