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Valentina is passionate in expressing her voice through her writing, which she hopes will have a social impact. She grew up as a third culture kid that always fought for what is right and achieved a BA Hons. in International Business in order to understand the business world more clearly and leave a possible mark on society. Currently she is working for an ethical start-up company called Chanzez. Chanzez has been set up to provide people with chances whether they are people who design clothes, people who work to make clothes or people who want to be able to buy ethically produced clothes.

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Brexit an opportunity for Fairtrade

Abhik is the son of a cotton farmer. He lives in south India with his wife Paval, daughter Prisha who is studying at secondary school, and his mother Riya. Abhik was taught everything about farming by his late father. He... Read More

Britain’s anti-slavery and anti-trafficking ambitions home and abroad

Ayesha is a 12 year old girl, who worked in India as a seamstress. She grew up in a very poor family with five siblings. Her father is the sole breadwinner for the family, earning a small income as a... Read More

Serving the poor can improve living standards

 Eshan is 15 and lives with his family in a village. He has never attended school because his family needs his physical support to keep the farm running. Eshan’s family is fairly poor and often struggle with basic necessities. He... Read More

Can India Fix its Tax Evasion?

Arjun own a small shop that serves a village, one of many thousands of villages in India. He lives in the village with his wife and two children. As the oldest son, he also takes care of his parents. Life... Read More

Supply Chain Transparency in Fashion

Transparency matters

Nathan is a fashion consultant with more than ten years’ experience. Throughout his career he has worked with more than 40 fashion brands. Brands place their trust in him to set trends, convey the right message, and provide... Read More

Women’s rights in India

Prisha was married at 15 when her parents decided to sell her to a man who offered them 30,000 rupees. Prisha’s family had many debts and this was a way in which her father decided he could pay them off.... Read More

Can agriculture help eradicate poverty?

Dhruv lives in Southern India where he is a farmer. He owns 3.2 acres of land; however, his life is filled with uncertainty about basic needs such as feeding his family. Dhruv has been fighting to pull himself out of... Read More

Need For Trade

Yamal is the fourth of six children of a poor family. There is little work available, but there is talk of big companies from abroad coming to a city near his village that will offer jobs. Yamal wants to travel... Read More

Where do our old clothes go?

In this new age of disposable products, 2 week fashion cycles and seemingly endless clothing sales that make us buy unnecessarily, one has to ask: Where do our old clothes go?

Maria is a twenty-something university student who has a bad... Read More

Will India’s New Textile Law Help Workers

Jeremy is a social activist fighting against unfair practices such as child labour, slavery and labour mistreatment. Jeremy has travelled around the world including: Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. He has met many people, heard many stories,... Read More

A Global Movement Against Forced Labour

It is June and the International Labour Conference (ILC) is soon to commence.

Once a year, the International Labour Organization (ILO) brings together governments, workers, and employer delegates of the ILO member states to establish and adopts international labour standards. The... Read More

Who made my clothes?

Marcus is a volunteer for a non-governmental organization (NGO) that supports labour unions. He decided to travel to some developing nations that face issues of forced labour and the mistreatment of workers.

Mei is an experienced tailor from a developing nation... Read More

The power of brand loyalty

Brands and their influence on consumers Mina is a typical young woman who has a passion for the latest fashion trends. She bought a dress recently because it was ‘trendy’ and she considered it ‘a must-have’. Emily is Mina’s friend who... Read More

Corporate scandals

Raj is a twelve year old boy working at a clothing production facility in India. He lives in a small room with five other co-workers where he is forced to stay while he is not on duty. The company promised... Read More

What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

Steven is a Corporate Social Responsibility Program Analyst who is approaching the end of his second year working for ABC Corp. When he joined, the company had no Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practice and were facing loses in its customer... Read More

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