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Vincent is an Urban Planning student at the University of Waterloo with a passion for environmental change. His interests are in land development and transportation planning to develop compact and high-density communities. Besides urban planning, he is an avid car enthusiast, particularly in performance vehicles.

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4 Tips to Change Your Clothing Style Without Changing Your Closet

Lots of clothes but nothing to wear? Try these four tips to change up your style, without changing your wardrobe! By now, many of us are aware of the reality of the garment industry: that it all seems to be... Read More

5 Sustainable Actions for Back To School Shopping

It’s almost that time of year again when parents take their children shopping to spend hundreds of dollars on school supplies or post-secondary students break their bank account preparing to return to college or university. Although we may... Read More

Preparing for a Sustainable Future – A Look at Organic Cotton

What’s the Problem?

Imagine a world where clothing would be plain and simple. No need to follow the latest fashion trends or buy luxurious brands. The importance of clothing would be less significant.   Cotton Farmers in Uzbekistan. Currently, our clothing consumption has increased... Read More

Making Change One Community at a Time: Markham’s Waste Program for Textile Materials

Textile landfill waste

The Big Picture

On a daily basis, all of your clothing decisions do influence the environment. How so? Well, as a child, you constantly were growing which required that you buy new clothes to accommodate your changing body... Read More

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