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Zoe is a 17 year old high school student from New England. She has a twin sister. She loves to write poetry, play guitar, and advocate for ethical fashion.

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Fat Shaming

Fat Shaming & Shaping Body Image

Throughout middle school I was one of the largest girls in my grade. I exercised regularly, but still could not lose weight. I have since grown and my body somehow thinned out, but I am... Read More

3 Ways to Be an Intersectional Feminist When Buying Sustainable Fashion

Intersectional Feminism

The detrimental effect of fast fashion is a feminist issue. The cause of sustainable fashion might not yet play a large role in the feminist world, not merely because influential corporations hide the catastrophes of fast fashion from the... Read More

Awakening of a High School Student

Dorm Life

Each of the thirty freshman girls that I live with orders between four and ten new articles of clothing online each month. As their senior dorm leader, the girls expect me to zip up the back... Read More

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