Local Volunteers

Finding what works in your area

Local awareness starts in your neighborhood. Letting others around you know the alternatives to shopping in a mall and where they can find ethically produced garment in their area is the first step to a change.

Where does it start

Educate yourself and your community about why it is important to know about the clothes you put on your back. It is important to know where a shirt comes from and where it will end. Come work with us to educate those around you and to get educated by those around you. Education does not just start and stop at school.

Your first step

Start saving money and make some goals. Don’t buy anything new from a store for a month. For six months. For a year. Try making your own clothes. Tell your friends. Start making the small adjustments needed to live the sustainable life you were meant to live.

Trusted Clothes is sparking a global movement in the clothing industry. We bring people and communities together to deliver our vision to the world. But we cannot deliver that vision without you. There is no Trusted Clothes without our volunteers. Whether you are local or remote, in high school or college, we need you. No matter what your skillsets are, you will find a place here. From entry-level professionals to experienced veterans, every single volunteer has something to contribute. Let's grow, inspire and change the world together! Join our team today!

Do you live in the Kitchener-Waterloo and Cambridge area? We'd love to hear from you! We have many on-site volunteering opportunities available! From bloggers to event organizers to web designers; everyone can find ways to contribute to our cause!


Learn transferable skills while being part of a team that's changing the world!

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