University and College Students


Be aware of the impact and abuses the clothing industry has on the world. Be informed about the successes from people actively trying to change this industry, from inside and out.


Be educated about ethical, sustainable and healthy alternative brands, the economics of fashion and the key domains of this industry.

Affirmative action

Connect conscious consumers and retailers, brands and manufacturers who provide sustainable, ethical and healthy alternatives to mainstream fashion as well as drive affirmative action from the grassroots. Starting with you. Your shopping habits, living habits, clothing habits.

Trusted Clothes is sparking a global movement in the clothing industry. We bring people and communities together to deliver our vision to the world. But we cannot deliver that vision without you. There is no Trusted Clothes without our volunteers. Whether you are local or remote, in high school or college, we need you. No matter what your skillsets are, you will find a place here. From entry-level professionals to experienced veterans, every single volunteer has something to contribute. Let's grow, inspire and change the world together! Join our team today!

Looking for an internship lasting three or four months? You put in the time and effort, and we will equip you with valuable in-field job experience from accounting, design, office administration and more.


Learn transferable skills while being part of a team that's changing the world!

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  • We can use help in many disciplines including:

    • Reading/Writing
    • Social Media
    • Legal
    • Accounting
    • Design
    • Photography & Videography
    • Web Development
    • Administration
    • Many other Disciplines

  • If you are interested to know more about our opportunities or would like to send us your resume, please email us.

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